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Welcome to Coombe Video


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Telecine, Standard 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, Silent & Sound.

The film path is completely sprocket-Free, so your film will not get damaged.

We offer full UK coverage for cine film transfer supporting customers from all parts of the UK.


Cine Film Projector, Cine Film, Standard 8mm, Single 8mm, Super 8mm silent & sound,


Cine film transfers to dvd or  Memory Stick, each Individual frame of your 8mm cine is digitally scanned in real time using a 3 chip broadcast camera  directly into a dedicated digital work station.  This means no tape is used, so no quality loss.  We then output your film from the workstation directly onto  Taiyo Yuden watershield DVD`s or  Memory Stick.


All film is examined  for damage/breakage, and then repaired if needed, cleaned and lubricated using Cresclean film fluid before the transfer begins.


Film splicing is free.

Your film will be returned to you in excellent condition

We insert picture dissolves between reels, so you get no leader countdowns, just smooth viewing.

 In the last few days I've had a few people ask me if our systems are automated.

The simple and absolute answer is NO.

When dealing with peoples treasured and valuable family memories, automation is a definte no.
You precious tapes and films are  handled by human beings, and when running through our equipment transfers are always monitored.

Beware of anyone offering crazy low prices and automated systems....
8mm & 16mm Cine Film Guide
8mm cine Approx Running times            16mm cine (sound) Approx running times 24fps
  3" 50ft  3.5 mins                                     3.6" 100ft   2 mins per reel
       100ft   7 mins
                                     5" 200ft   8 mins per reel
       150ft 10 mins
                                     7" 400ft  15 mins per reel
  5" 200ft 13 mins                                      9"  800ft 30 mins per reel
       250ft 17 mins                                      16mm cine (silent) running at 18fps
       300ft 20 mins                                      Double the above running times
       350ft 23 mins
  7" 400ft 27 mins
Our basic fee is £40.00. This includes up  to 4 X 50ft reels or 1 x 200ft


 reel supplied on DVD. This is for Standard 8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm Silent/Sound

If your order is more than the £40.basic fee the following prices apply.
50ft Reels  (approx 3 ins diameter)  £8 each. 
100ft Reels                                         £12 each.
150ft Reels                                         £18 each.
200ft Reels (approx 5 Ins diameter) £24 each.
250ft reels                                          £30 each.
300ft Reels                                         £36 each.
350ft Reels                                         £42 each
400ft Reels (approx 7 ins
diameter)  £48 each.
600ft Reels (approx 8 ins diameter)  £72 each.

  All transfers are supplied on DVD.


 Text £2 per page up to 10 words.     
  Easy listening music can be added to your movie film at £2 per 50ft.     

New film leaders are all one price for Standard 8mm or Super 8mm/16mm £3 each.


Extra copies of DVD £10 each.

*No Hidden Extras*



Just want to let you know how pleased we are with the DVD of my father's cine films.  It brought back many happy memories for my mother.  It's a great improvement on the old video we had.  We also liked your choice of background music!

  Kind regards - Angela

Over the moon with the quality of your work transferring my 50 year old cine 8mm films on to DVD. You have shown such care and professionalism and brought such joy to our family. Thank you so much Mr Wilson I shall be sending you lots more to do.
Shirley Little

Hi James,
  Just to let you know that the parcel has arrived safely this morning. We are delighted with the end result, thank you so much.
 Our Golden Wedding celebrations will be held over the next two weekends so guess that a lot of our relatives and friends will be viewing it.
 Thanks again,
Mike & Ruth Robinson

Welcome to Coombe Video